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Welcome to HVAC Systems and Services

About Us

HVAC Systems and Services was established in 1998 by our founding member Vis Moodley and as since thrived into becoming one of the leaders in our field.  We are a vibrant team of individuals from admin to operational staff with numerous years of experience within the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry. We acknowledged that our successes were dependent on our ability to distinguish ourselves from our competitors through effective service excellence and work performance.

Our winning formula has invariably led us to become an established force with a substantiated track record. This was achieved through the process of efficient service delivery, diligent performance and an innovative management style whilst ensuring that all jobs are completed in time, satisfactorily and within budget.  We at HVAC Systems and Services have created a working environment of continuous skills development across all levels of employment and have stringent occupational health and safety guidelines to which all members of staff adhere to.

Our mission statement, “Best product, best service, best price delivered with honesty, integrity and efficiency aptly describes our vision at HVAC Systems and Services. It has helped us secure mechanical works such as the air conditioning refurbishment at Natal Sharks board, continuous maintenance at Netcare Umhlanga Hospital, Drakensburg Sun Hotel, the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal and many other commercial establishments and residential homes.

Corporate Governance

HVAC Systems and Services is a registered Close Corporation, VAT compliant, have a CIDB rating of 3ME and Level 3 BBBEE certified organization. This enables us to comply with all the relevant laws and regulations. We are recently obtained ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 certifications. We have acknowledged that our successes and future accomplishments can be attributed to compliance with these relevant standards and will also help us develop on a wider scale.
Our organization is divided into management and operations department which ensures maximum productivity for precise and efficient service delivery to our valued clients. We pride ourselves on excellent work delivery which is why we ensure selected team leaders progress in their field by sending them for courses provided for by company.

Social Responsibility

At HVAC Systems we realize that commitment to social tribulations such as educational advancement, poverty alleviation and skills development is imperative to any financially sound organization.

We acknowledge that within our industry, training and technical support isn’t freely available to the incumbent installation teams so we offer free training and advice to single-man operations.

We have supplied and fitted air conditioning equipment free of charge to worthy non profit organizations that have requested our assistance which amongst others include religious institutions. HVAC Systems have also been involved with the Winter Warmth initiative associated with East Coast Radio with the donation of blankets.

We have a no refusal policy on public donations and funding. Letters of reference and certificates of appreciation are available for inspection and shall be forwarded upon request.

Who are we?

Simply put and eunmbellished, we are a dynamic group of experienced individuals who have identified a need for our services within the air-conditioning industry, but realized that our success was solely dependant on our ability to distinguish ourselves from our competitors through service excellence and customer satisfaction.
The identification of our target market as well as our vision of creating an innovative organisation, led to our establishment in 1998.

What are we?

HVAC SYSTEMS AND SERVICES cc is a registered Close Corporationwith a CIDB rating of level 3ME
We observe the principles of Black Empowerment and Employment Equity as we are constituted entirely of individuals from Previously Disadvantaged Backgrounds. HVAC is fully compliant with the requirements for a BEE organization and our scoring and rating will meet the requirements of independent assessment.

What is our structure?

We are structurally separated into Management and Operations divisions with our General Manager and Operations Manager and team leaders ensuring that their respective teams work together for precise and efficient service delivery.
We utilize the latest technology in our operations including computer aided design, real-time vehicle tracking for job scheduling and all modern modes of communication with every member of our team, from management to drivers, having company cell-phones.
We have 2 trucks equipped with Fassicranes to aid us in transport and rigging. We also have our own Genihigh reach platform, and Geniequipment lifts. This allows us safe and reliable means of lifting equipment and personnel during installations.

ISO ISO-9001-2008 OHSAS-18001-2007IMS-POlicy